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Lawsuits & Judgments

We Can Help With Lawsuits and Judgments

It can be terrifying to get sued. People can feel absolutely helpless when they’ve been sued for something that they know they owe money for.

We get it.

Don’t just ignore the problem and do nothing! There is something you can do!

It is a mistake to ignore your mail because you’re afraid there is nothing you can do. You could be receiving the very paperwork that would allow you to protect your property by using the laws to claim exemptions. You may even give your creditors the right to repossess your property by not claiming these exemptions. Sometimes judgments result in a lien against your home as if it were another mortgage, when there was a solution to that problem from the very beginning.

Bankruptcy can help you with these lawsuits!

  • We can usually help with judgments.
  • We can usually protect your property.
  • We can usually rid you of your debt.
  • We can usually relieve you of the pressure.
  • If you get sued because you have too many debts to pay off, please remember that there may be an option for you. Please don’t give up and stop reading your mail or ignore court papers that you may get served. Call us for a free consultation right away.

Help with Judgments

What are you supposed to do when you are constantly receiving phone calls from collectors looking for money that you just don’t have? You know you owe them money and you want to pay them back, but you just can’t right now. Then, to make matters worse, the company you owe money to decides to file a lawsuit against you. You understand that you do owe them the money and there isn’t really anything for you to defend. They’re going to get a judgment against you. What does that judgment mean for you? Basically, it puts a lien on all real property you own in the county where the judgment is entered. In other words, that judgment practically becomes like another mortgage against your house. It becomes dangerous territory when a creditor gets a lien against your house. For most small claims judgments, the creditor will just begin to take the money owed directly out of your paycheck. They are entitled to garnish a certain percentage of your earnings from each pay period. This means that suddenly you will have less and less to live off of in your every day life from week to week. In many cases, a garnishment can make it nearly impossible to pay all of your other debts because the majority of your income is going to the creditor that obtained the judgment. Bankruptcy can stop judgments. If you file for bankruptcy, depending on what chapter you file, you may be able to wipe that debt out completely or at least a large portion of it. Don’t let your creditors garnish your paychecks. Bankruptcy can fulfill the debt obligations that judgments put on you. Our office can even help you satisfy those judgments after your case is discharged.

We’ll let you know what your options are, even if they don’t involve filing. Your situation may not be as helpless as you might believe. We can inform you of your rights and how the laws work. At the very least, you can start to understand what answers there are out there for you. Don’t do nothing…call us for a free consultation right away.

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David Lozano has been very professional from the beginning with our case. His staff has been very professional, knowledgeable, respectful and very helpful with the process from beginning to end! We are very fortunate to have Mr. Lozano on our side!


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